The beauty of science is that it is continuously learning and questioning what has been gleaned, expanding our knowledge in the process. Through this, it has also enabled human beings live healthier and happier lives.
To find the ultimate defence against microbes, the answer lay in material science – in an allotrope of Carbon that the world of material science has been raving as ‘The Wonder Material’ – Graphene.

Science again got us strengthening this with the ionic properties of Silver ! The result – we developed Nano Membranes made with our patent-pending Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology that would kill bacterial and virus cells !

Why Graphene is perfect for your G1 Wonder Mask – the best Face Mask that you can get.

Graphene is a wonder material regarded as a milestone in the world of material science.

  • It is the world’s thinnest & strongest 2D material.
  • Graphene’s sharp atom-thin edges rips apart bacterial and virus cells.
  • It filters contaminants from air.

Graphene + Silver = 99% protection from Microbes

The Silver nanoparticles release Ag+ ions, which strongly bind to thiol groups (SH) of enzymes and proteins on the cellular surface, thus causing destabilization of membrane and cellular wall with consequent breaking down of the ATP synthesis route. The Graphene-Ag (Silver) matrix presents high dispersibility in water, large specific surface area, excellent bactericidal activity in very low concentrations and absence of corrosive characteristics. In addition, another general advantage in use of Graphene-Ag nanocomposite as antimicrobial agents is associated with the bacterial mechanism of resistance. In short, what we have is a protective layer of Graphene+Silver over the face that keeps eviscerating 99%** of the microbes that come in contact with it, killing them on the spot !

The Graphene-Silver Nano Membrane – How it Works

Graphene Silver Nanomembrane that kills microbes

The edges acts as a series of electrically charged sharp atomic thin blades. When a bacteria or virus comes in contact with the Graphene edges, it destroys the outer wall and kills the microbes.

On testing, as per the ISO 18184 protocol, our patent-pending Nanocomposite membrane showed > 99% reduction of microbes

Tested at the following Labs for different Microbes
SITRA, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, Biotech Testing Services, ITS Laboratories, CEG Test House
** Tested at government approved lab
as per ISO 20743 & ISO 18184 with anti-microbial activity ( View )

You are witnessing a scientific marvel (Patent pending) invented in India. Be the first to share it among your friends and make a positive impact.

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